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Healthy relationships are challenging.

At first, we are smitten with our partner and if all goes well, we are dating, connecting, committing and starting a family. It is important to connect with your partner, and always be attuned to their needs. Some couples focus more on planning the wedding than planning a stable marriage. If the foundation for the marriage was not set correctly, other factors can place a wedge between the couple. In this instance, we encourage clients to “tune in” to their partner and reconnect.

In other instances, the foundation is solid. But life happens, and sometimes our relationships need a “tune-up.” In Southern California, we responsibly service our cars every 3,000-5,000 miles to get a “tune-up,” but we rarely do that for ourselves – let alone our relationships.

Whether you need to “tune-in” to your partner or if your relationship needs a “tune-up,” Lori will help guide you in a respectful and thoughtful way.

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