Ahh, February is upon us and as we all know, it’s the month of love. There is always so much pressure around Valentine’s Day. We worry about getting the best reservation at the best restaurant, the most expensive jewelry from the most expensive jewelry store… but why? The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show our Special Someone how important they are to us. How valuable they are. Express that value with creativity and ingenuity…

Use your imagination to create fun ways to celebrate the holiday.

Use craft popsicle sticks that are natural in color and present a bouquet of sticks wrapped in a cute container like a wine glass; you can also find multi-colored ones at the craft store.

Or maybe write messages on the popsicle sticks that evoke an emotion or a “mini-adventure” or scavenger hunt.

Pitch ways to connect in creative ways like a scavenger hunt around the house using a combination of mementos and everyday items. Or tap into your inner lovebird and invite them to compose a fun valentine poem together.

How about “wine and walk” – share a glass of wine at home, then take a relaxing stroll around your neighborhood. Cook for your partner – a meal that has particular emotional resonance to your shared history or experiences. Recreate your proposal or wedding vows or a moment from a particularly beloved vacation – all in your living room.

…Print out little sentences you can tape to Jenga for a fun/flirty game!

…Share your favorite memory with your partner.

…Share something that makes you happy.

The spirit of the holiday is more than expensive dinner reservations and jewelry. It’s about connection. And the value we put in those we love the most dear has no price tag.